Leanzy engages Scrum approach to help teams to improve their own productivity by
LEANZY uses simple and accepted norms of success, Leanzy is no magic potion.
What LEANZY does is effortlessly enforce accepted norms of success in a very easy but practicable, quick and sustainable way.
To see how so easy, practicable, quick and sustainable way it is, we invite you invest next 30 minutes for the success of the rest of your life.
The Tenets of Productivity.
-System to Build organizational learning.
--Quickly and effectively.
--Information and processes
-Teams on Autopilot: Plan & Manage themselves.
-Make it sustainable.
-Build Transparency in knowledge.
-Visibility on progress.
Build Organizational Learning
--Connect everything together, not just people
Common strings of connection all can comprehend.
--Elevate your team to Auto-pilot mode
Accountability/ Transparency =>Effectiveness/ Speed
--Learn the rules of the game
Quick/ Easy Automation of new process/ policy
This brings about a feeling that every member of the team is working around a table –LEANZY TABLE.